F1: David Coulthard agrees with the ”basic concepts” of superlicense regulations

Former Williams, McLaren and Red Bull driver David Coulthard thinks the new points system regarding superlicence regulations is a good idea.

Indeed, under the new scheme, young drivers must accumulate 40 points in order to obtain a superlicense and race in F1. This must be done over a three-year period, with points being allocated according to which motorsport series they have participated in and how they performed.

Although he agrees with this idea, Coulthard thinks the system must be flexible, and not favour some series over others.

"I haven't looked closely at how the points situation plays out but it seems to me that they have created a league that favours some of the lower formulas over others," he said during Autosport's motorsport show.

F3 Hockenheim
Young drivers can no longer simply by their way into F1 (Photo: WRI2)

"Personally, having been to a few of the undercard race series, I am not sure the actual points are how I would lay them out.

"Some of those championships deserve more than they have been given.

"That said, you are not going to please everybody so you have to create a system which at least makes it that someone has to achieve a level of success to be given the opportunity to move up to the big time beyond just turning up with a big cheque.

"So the basis of the concept of it, I agree with."

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