F1: Max Verstappen scores 47 out of 50 on driving theory test

The youngest ever F1 superlicence holder is getting closer to obtaining his regular driver's licence.

Max Verstappen passed his driving theory test last Friday, and scored 47 out of 50, which means he is now allowed to drive on the public roads, but only under supervision. He will have to wait until he turns 18, on September 17, 2015, to pass his practical test.

"It wasn't as tough as I thought," he commented. "I studied for about seven hours and because I'm a quick learner it wasn't all that hard."

So far this winter, Verstappen has also been working on his stamina and strength, to be ready for his first season of grand prix racing.

"Since the start of January, me and my personal trainer have been working out hard," he revealed.

"Every day we do two sessions of two hours in the gym. It's tough but it's really benefiting my neck muscles, arms, core and back. At this moment in time, it's all about developing strength. It's a challenge but I'm more than happy to do this."

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