F1: Pirelli to opt a more ‘aggressive’ strategy for 2015

Paul Hembery, director of motorsport at Pirelli, told Sky Sports that the Italian tire manufacturer would adopt a more aggressive approach for the 2015 Formula 1 season.

Pirelli adopted a safe approach in 2014 as the sport introduced the new turbo hybrid V6 Power Units.

The suppliers have developed their engines during the winter months and we can expect this year's V6 to produce more top end power and torque.

“Last year people said we were a little bit too conservative and maybe a little bit boring, but I think it is more a case of we went into a year with new technology and there is a little bit of that this year,” Hembery told Sky Sports Online.

“We've seen some initial data that suggests the cars are going to make another good step in performance compared to last season and what might have been a conservative choice last season might become quite an aggressive one in 2015,” he explained.

The British engineer added that most tire compounds remain unchanged. “Just one change really, the supersoft is having a little bit of a tweak to it to improve its working range with the temperature ranges,” he added.

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