F1: Sebastian Vettel completes first laps of Fiorano test track aboard Ferrari F2012

Sebastian Vettel's contract with Red Bull ended Friday at midnight. Saturday morning, the four-time world champion was turning his first laps aboard a Ferrari F1 car at Fiorano.

The German first ran some sighting laps aboard a Ferrari 458, and then climbed aboard his F2012, which was equipped with several GoPro cameras and marked with the No. 5.

For the occasion, Vettel was wearing a white helmet, marked only with sponsor logos and an inscription saying: "29/11/14. Il mio primo giorno in Ferrari" ("My first day at Ferrari" in Italian).

Several photos and videos on the web show him lapping a wet Fiorano. No word yet on his first impressions of the V8-powered machine.

According to several sources, including France's L'Équipe, Vettel his now scheduled to continue testing in the simulator.

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